a track and trace solution developed by using Blockchain technology to solve authenticity and supply chain problems in the mining industry


Here's What We Do Better

SAAS platform
A ready to use SAAS (software as a service) platform used to track materials in the supply chain from the blocks to the concentrate, to metal.

The platform is efficient has integrated modules for Tractability and Traceability.
Data Analytics
Big data analysis to provide Mining Companies and Mining industry with a effective tool to avoid and detect problems supply chain in real time.

Process Optimization
Predictive analysis of product
failures and support in Mining Industry
Reporting System
To meet the changing regulatory
compliance needs more effectively
BlockChain Technology
Open source smart
contracts for building
trust in multi party
Prathiba Syntex Ltd

InfiniChains is the creator of Credible. Every garment at Pratibha is created using the best sustainability practices in the world, each of these clothes have a unique journey. Credible makes these unique journeys available for anyone from anywhere in the world. The product uses advanced technologies like blockchain, cloud computing and AI to make data securely and seamlessly consumable. This leads to better engagement between a conscious fashion consumer, the brand and Pratibha Syntex the manufacturer

Samta Mines and Minerals Ltd
Marketing Manager

We have been impressed with their sector knowledge and their network of expertise. Infinichains as our technology Partner helped us benefit from deep expertise to create engaging business processes, Bring required transparency and ability to store and track all data.